Bubble Shooter

  • Bubble Shooter game is a game that tests your skills of matching colors.
  • Bubble Shooter is a fusion of classic arcade game and puzzle game You need to engage in shooting bubbles through play area several matching of similar color. You will get a filled section wherein you mixed various bubbles of distinct colors and need to remove all of them out of the game to be the winner.


  • You need to match three or more bubbles together of the same color to remove all bubbles, and firing the bubble can help you accomplish this task from the stocked of balloons available in the play area.
  • You need to play to remove all the bubbles in a minimum number of shots so that you score high.
  • This game is highly addictive wherein shooting bubbles is all fun, and the whole match playtests player’s reflexes as well as reactions.
  • With each level, the bubble shooter game gets more complicated, and you need to put in more effort while shooting. On the other hand, you also need to focus on your timing, which needs to be accurate and also check out for the color combinations faster.


  • Engaging Bubble game
  • Amazing effects
  • Plenty of coloured bubbles available
  • The gameplay becomes challenging with each level.
  • Bubble Shooter is easy to understand the game that will take a few seconds for you to learn and get going.
  • The gameplay holds you in the game for a long time, and gaining a high score keeps you motivated.


  • Each time you tend to shot six bubbles, you will get a row of new bubbles on the top. The game comes to an end in case the ball reaches the border.
  • You can play this game at your workplace, school, or at home and enjoy mastering your color matching talent.