Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird an exciting online game where you need to manage the Bird as a player that tries to fly between different green pipes columns and not hitting them.


  • The main goal of this game is to traverse through the Bird via green pipes. You score 1 point for every set of pipes you cross successfully.
  • This game comprises retro style 2 D graphics, and you need to guide the flying Bird, which is termed as ‘Faby’ and keeps always moving towards right through pipes.
  • As a player, if you touch the pipes, you lose. Faby, the bird flaps in upward direction every time you tap the screen. In case you do not draw the screen, the Bird directly falls due to gravity. 
  • Every set of pipes that the Bird travels through helps you attain one point, as well as medals, are awarded at the end, depending on your score.
  • There is no medal awarded if your score is below 10. You will get a bronze medal for scoring between 10 and 20.
  • Silver medal awarded if you hit 20 points
  • The gold medal awarded if you score minimum 30 points
  • If you attain more than forty, you gain a platinum medal. 
  • The gameplay doesn’t comprise any variation or advancement as the gap between the pipes remains the same, and the running track is never-ending. You will hear ding and flap sounds when you gain rewards.
  • The game is easy to play, and you need to start with the perfect mindset. You need no disturbance around you to play.
  • Now control the flapping of the Bird. You need to make the bird flap only when it is required. Position the Bird right in the middle of the screen ahead of the 1st pipe.