Free Fortnite Accounts

Fortnite is an online multiplayer battle game, where you can represent your survival and shooting skills with mesmerizing 3D graphics. It was released in August 2017 by Epic Games. Unlike other multiplayer battle games, this game is simple to access yet fascinating to play. Also, Fortnite is one of the most famous games on the social media platforms like youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So you might feel left out if don’t play.  

The game is available in three different game modes in which you have to fight for your life from zombie-like creatures or other multiplayer according to the game version you choose to play.  After landing on the mission, cluster guns and other pieces of equipment are collected that will help in winning the game. Fortnite is amazing because one has a variety of guns to select from the collection. The crazy part about Fortnite is that all the three-game versions are different from each other as the first version of Fortnite: Save the World is based on fighting with horrifying zombie-like creatures to play up to four players at a time. In the second version of Fortnite Battle Royale, the player can make massive devastation on the battleground with his unconventional skills for survival against 100+ terrific enemies. And the third and final version Fortnite Creative, where players can create their battlefield and enjoy their time with no limit.  The prominent features of this game are magnificent visuals and its sounds effects which seem to be so real as if you have entered into a real battlefield with all those heavy guns. It is quite refreshing and exciting to play multiplayer games with friends, family, and other online players

Most of us think that online games are a curse for today’s generation as they may result in addiction. Online games also consume a lot of time which can be used in other activities. But all such assumptions are hypothetical in the present period time. Online gaming is prominent as it occupies the mind of youth thereby avoiding life-threatening behaviour after breaking up with stupid relationships at an early age.

How to get free Fortnite accounts

Getting Fortnite accounts at is very easy, we have a collection of Fortnite accounts that users can have for free. Here we have a free Fortnite account generator that generates multiple Fortnite accounts daily that visitors can have access to. If you are looking for a way to get free Fortnite account online , then you can be scamed by many fake websites which offers you free accounts by completing some regular surveys or puzzels. But all these ways are worth less as those websites never complete the process to initiate a free Fortnite account. 

But here we come with a simple and accurate process by which you can claim your fortnite account for free. First thing to do for this method is by opening up your google or safari , it doesn’t matter which one you use as long as it’s like an internet browser you are good to go. Then you want to go to , as many of you know that it’s the main website for epic games . So go to the sign in option  and then click the forget password , once you done that open up a new window or tab and then type in jop Basically what is it’s not a scam , it’s just like your general gmail or email app except the only difference is that it’s pretty much just like your email except you can access it without needing a password and what you will do is you will go to your reset your password again and you type in any email you really want but it needs to have at at the very end of it and you just type in random words or names of something and you will be able to get in . I would like to recommend you not to use common names because you could get blocked by the server.

Also you are gonna need to use a vpn because what happens is when you’re sending password resets to emails , once you do it I think it’s about five to seven times it basically bans your ip but don’t worry it’s only for like maybe an hour to  a day at most. If you use a vpn it just basically reset your ip and so you can keep resending forget password to your email and keep trying your luck .