Pac Man

You too can be part of the popular videogame. You can play this game and earn big scores while helping the PAC-MAN going moving along the maze and eat those Pac-dots as well as fruits available and preventing Ghost Gang. Else convert them into blue, which can be done when you eat up one power pellet to munch them.

It is a retro arcade exciting game that comes with amazing experiences and new features like weekly tournaments, token rewards, original mazes, etc.


  • ┬áSimple to learn but challenging to master
  • ┬áSimple and unique game design


  • Every one is allowed to play the real coin-op icon, Pac-Man
  • Amazing pixel work looks perfect, and it will make you feel pleasant
  • It is old gameplay but quite addictive

PAC-Missions Everyday

  •  Gain token rewards after you complete gameplay challenges available daily
  •  Eat up around 20 ghosts, four fruits and earn 1000 points and there are many such things to earn


  •  Participate in the weekly tournament which is maze challenge so that you can earn tokens
  •  You can complete the three levels at your speed
  •  Attain high scores and be on the top of leader boards


  •  New mazes can be unlocked spending tokens earned or try to gain more attempts for the tournament
  •  Gain daily rewards for free

Added Features

  •  Achievements & Leader board assistance
  •  Pro-Tips offered on becoming the best runner in maze worldwide

It is an old game that even your parents must have played, and you would still love to play it again n again. You would like to become a genius in the game and earn rewards and points for performing better and better. It may take some time for you to master the game, but it is going to be more fun once you learn it.

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