• Solitaire a fun-filled game to kill time, and you can play it anywhere at any time. Whether you are sitting idle at the office, home, or in school, make most of this game and refresh your day.
  • The main objective behind this game is to position all the cards in 4 foundations available at the top.
  • The cards in every foundation slot should be of the similar suit and placed in ascending order that is Ace-King
  • To accomplish this task, you need to pile up the cards on given tableau from King- Ace that is in descending order.
  • Remember, you need to rotate colors. You will be the winner once you have all the cards sorted into available foundations. When you play games like solitaire, your brain continually works, meanwhile getting all the fun.

Types of Solitaire Piles

  • Stock
    • Pile consisting of facedown cards located at left corner at the top
  • Waste
    • It is the face-up pile besides Stockpile positioned in the left corner on the top
  • Foundations
    • The 4 four collections seen at the right edge (upper)
  • Tableau
    • The seven piles that form the main table

Gameplay and tricks

  • Pile up cards in available tableau while rotating colors
  • Utilize piled-up cards to position all the cards into four different foundations based on the suit
  • If you have to win the game, you need to bring in all the cards into the available foundation piles. The foundation arranged by rank and suit, and every foundation comprises of 1 outfit, and you need to place the cards into them in the following order
  • “Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King”
  • The tips and tricks can help you win the game, and this is game is the time killer which you can enjoy your free time or even to kill time.